Guru Ram Das Public School, Ferozepur was founded by Baba Thakur Singh Ji, Head Damdami Taksal on 12th Oct, 1995 under the religious canopy of Bhagat Milkha Singh Ji who is its life-force. It is an English medium , co-educational, party residential institution affiliated to CBSE.

The school is getting Quality parental guidance and love from its time chairman Bhagat Milkha Singh ji who is a renowned religious leader and an eminent philanthropic figure of Ferozepur town.

The School is climbing fast on the Schooling Ladder to...

  • Shower on one and all the teaching of Guru Ram Dass Ji.
  • Blend ultra modern methodology in the curriculum with a professional and competitive touch... more

With the lofty blessings of Guru Ram Dass Ji, academic osmosis is becoming apparent in our institution as…
Students are the nation's most valuable and creative asset. Their imagination is the key for building a great future for our country. We all should recognize this fact and must encourage each one of them to achieve their goals and missions in life ahead. A Culture Specific pedagogy is being applied in such a way that the learners are able to upgrade their mental software after getting activated to undertake self-directed,self-motivated and co-operative learning both at school and home. Our entire School-family is sure of reaching the new horizons in education with blissful sunshine. The efforts put in by the Principal, teachers and staff in shaping and developing the publication is praiseworthy and I am certain it will go long way in developing the overall personality of our young citizens.
Besides academic excellence, the School is committed to inculcating in all its students, strong ... more

I, the Manager of Guru Ram Dass Sr. Sec. Public School, pleased to say that “GRDP is a symbol of Dedication and Determination.” Our dedication is towards the parents who want their child to reach the peak of the ladder of success. Good education is a backbone of success.

A potential force behind GRDP is the blessing of Guru Ram Dass Ji and the efforts of Chairman Bhagat Milkha Singh Ji. This unique religious institution was established in 1995 in ferozepur, a city of Martyrs. It is a co-educational institution based on CBSE, having eco-friendly environment, The moral atmosphere of our school has won the confidence of the public and we may further improve this day by day . Our institution has completed 15 years of its meritorious service to the Nation in the field of higher education. Besides this we have also served our Nation at the part of sports.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the parents, students and my staff members for... more

I, the principal of Guru Ram Dass Sr. Sec. Public School, Ferozepur City wants to convey you the message
'Well Begun is half Done'
If the beginning of education is well then our way to success is half achieved.

The first step of a child toward education is through schools. So the first step will be well taken if the school chosen for a child will be the best. Ferozepur, A city of Martyrs, also has the richest treasure house of education systems. Guru Ram Dass Sr. Sec. Public School has the central Board of Education Systems with co-education and eco-friendly environment . Above all our school provides the five’D’s for quality of work - Dedication, Devotion, Discipline, Development and Determination.

'Rome was not built in a day' perfectly suits for our school as it was established in the year 1995.. more